Get your Theorem tickets!

Tickets are now available for Theorem 2019 on Eventbrite.

This is a free event, but booking is required.

We have an exiting  programme this year with presentations touching on self and identity, alternative storytelling and narrative constructions, our relationship with animals and their environments, cultural views of women’s role in domestic settings, and mechanisms to cope with intergenerational trauma.

Our Keynote address by professor Tony Kent will explore the complexity of personalisation and identity in the face of relentless advances in digital design and communications, the changes in the concept of personalisation and their implications for personal identity. The presentation focuses on the boundaries of fashion consumption, the problems of ownership and permission to personalise and the ways personalisation can be understood in a value system. It concludes with a summary of personalisation defined by consumer and producer interactivity, temporality and ownership to advance the conceptualisation of personalised and personal fashion identities.

The concurrent exhibition of research outcomes in Ruskin Gallery will include experimental illustrated stories, interactive installations, performative videos, and a fictional truth-telling movie script.

Join us for what we anticipate will be a fascinating day of knowledge sharing.

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