Contribute to this site


If you have presented or exhibited at any of our Theorem conferences, you are welcome to write a post for this site. Here’s how to do it…

  1. Contact us using the contact form on this site with a request to contribute.
  2. Write a post on any of the following topics:
    1. your experience participating in Theorem.
    2. a recap of your research presented at Theorem, and include the year you participated.
    3. an update on the research you presented: have you had new developments or has it gone in a new direction?
    4. opportunities that have come to you as a result of networking during Theorem.
    5. key information you learned at Theorem that is impacting on your research.
    6. any other topic related to your participation in Theorem and the research you shared (bespoke topics are subject to approval, but we welcome creative ideas!).
  3. Contributions should include at least one image, more are welcome.
  4. Word count is not strict. Contributions can be visual essays with lots of images and few words, short-texts of 200 to 300 words with images, or longer texts of 800 to 1200 words with images. We will consider other formats or word counts.
  5. All posts will be approved by the site editor before being posted.
  6. Remember that contributing a post to a website counts as being publishing, so give it your best!