Theorem 2018 coverTHEOREM 2018
Published by Ruskin Arts Publications
Edited by Jane Boyer
Released 4 July 2019
£14 Available on Amazon

Essays by:
Ryan Nolan – University of Plymouth
Rebecca Court – Birmingham City University
Emily Gray – Nottingham Trent University
Clareese Hill – Goldsmiths, University of London
Zuyi Kang – Anglia Ruskin University
Dominique Baron-Bonarjee – Goldsmiths, University of London
Kelcy Davenport in collaboration with independent artists, Pernille Frandsen and Sally Stenton
– Anglia Ruskin University
Kate Paxman – University of Plymouth
Livia Daza-Paris – University of Plymouth
Dashamir Vaqari – University of Derby
Lusia Greenfield – University of Plymouth
Richard Kearns – University of York
Kallina Brailsford – Nottingham Trent University
Karen Abadie – University of Plymouth

Filming Women’s Work as Prayer in the Monastery in Jennifer and Sorelle Povere
Reader in Fine Art, Goldsmiths, University of London

Theorem 2017 coverTHEOREM 2017
Published by Ruskin Arts Publications
Edited by Jane Boyer
Released 5 July 2018
£12 Available on Amazon

Essays by:
Lisa Shawgi – Nottingham Trent University
Rachael Wickenden – Nottingham Trent University
Bill Leslie – Kingston University
Kelcy Davenport – Anglia Ruskin
Richard Kearns – University of York
Jane Boyer – Anglia Ruskin University
Maureen de Jager – Kingston University
Jayne Falconer – University of Derby
Dashamir Vaqari – University of Derby

KEYNOTE ESSAY: Dr Chris Taylor
The Artist’s Book as Collaborative Practice
Senior Lecturer in Fine Art
School of Fine Art, History of Art &
Cultural Studies, Leeds University


Theorem 2016 coverTHEOREM 2016
Published by Cambridge School of Art
Edited by Jane Boyer
Released 3 Jan 2017
£8.99 Available on Amazon

Essays by these Anglia Ruskin PhD Researchers:

Rezan Gassas
Lisa Kirkham
Richard Kearns
Deniz Johns
Jane Boyer
Gemma Marmalade

KEYNOTE ESSAY: Dr Katy Macleod
Reader of Fine Art
Kingston University London